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To drive towards a thriving and resilient future, Victoria will need training and education that builds the skills suitable for a climate resilient community and economy

Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery

As part of the Local Government Climate Change Mentor pilot project, 31 senior staff of councils from across Victoria received scholarships offered by the Victorian Government to attend the Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery training program.

DELWP engaged the University of Technology Sydney: Centre for Local Government to deliver the course in regional Victoria at two locations, Warragul and Wedderburn, in November 2015. The university accredited course is usually only offered at the UTS campus in Sydney. 

Significantly, new elements and topics were interwoven through the course, including the impacts of climate change on service delivery for local councils. In addition, examples of opportunities for councils that may arise  from climate change are also included. 

Feedback highlighted the value offered in the course's content, and its format for networking and sharing experiences and ideas.

The participants came from a range of areas in local government. The cross disciplinary connections, networks and insights were highly valued.

For more information, see the 2-page information flyer or short video below.

New round of training and scholarships for council executive and senior management

Following the success of the scholarships on offer last year and excess demand for the training, 32 new scholarships to help council staff undertake a service delivery course are now on offer.

DELWP will again fund up to 55 per cent of the cost of the course ($1,200). The normal cost is $2,250 per person.   

The courses will be on 3-5 May 2016 (Melbourne) and 17-19 May 2016 (Wangaratta).  There are three days of onsite formal training in addition to up to two days of online pre-course work and reading.

Who can apply for scholarships?

Executive and senior management of Victorian councils.

How do you apply for scholarships?

Please send an email expressing your interest to Narelle Martin at

Once your email is received, you will receive a confirmation email with an application form and further details about the course.

Through consultation with councils, the department has identified that the demand and need for this training is greatest in rural and regional areas, and will therefore prioritise scholarships accordingly.

Assessment of applications will be an ongoing rolling process during the application period and it is therefore recommended that you get your applications in early.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application within two weeks of receipt of the application.

Applications must be received by 7 April 2016.

A 2-page information flyer is available here [PDF File - 425.5 KB]

Or view the short testimonial video below

Greenhouse Alliances

The Victorian greenhouse alliances also help deliver regional mitigation and adaptation programs, predominantly for local government. This includes the implementation of joint initiatives that provide economies of scale and enable projects typically beyond the reach of individual councils. Project work is complemented by capacity building activities and regional partnerships.


Our research community has a major role to play in aiding the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy, as well as providing guidance and tools for mitigation and adaptation pathways.

The Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research, while not currently pursuing new research, has a website that remains a resource for those interested in accessing their suite of publications or learning more about climate change adaptation research in Victoria.

Other research organisations

Monash Sustainability Institute

ClimateWorks Australia

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute


National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility