Future Coasts Program

The Future Coasts Program is led by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in partnership with the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Climate change projections forecast that sea levels are likely to rise over the coming century. In Victoria this may result in increased risks to coastal areas from storm surges, flooding and erosion.

The $13.7 million investment by the Victorian Government in the Future Coasts Program will help Victoria better understand and plan for the risks associated with sea level rise and storm surge.

The Victorian Coastal Inundation Dataset and the Victorian Coastal Hazard Guide are now available and provide mapping and guidance about the potential risks from sea level rise along the Victorian coast.

Future Coasts - Part of the Victorian climate change adaption program

New for 2013

Climate change impacts on snow in Victoria: A Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research report

Adapting to climate change video

Adapting to climate change video
This youtube clip is a quick and clear introduction to adaptation for Victorians. It will help you understand what adaptation is and what it means for you.