Climate change impacts on snow in Victoria, 2013

The Climate change impacts on snow in Victoria report was commissioned by the former Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) in 2011 to examine climate trend data and snow projections. It was to provide an update to the 2003 CSIRO-ANU report [PDF File - 1.4 MB] that examined changing snow conditions in mainland Australia.

The report was prepared by the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), a partnership between CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The Centre completed the report in December 2012 after a period of quality assessment and review. Its findings remain consistent with the trends outlined in the original 2003 report on changing snow conditions.

In March 2013, the Victorian Government released the Victorian Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The Adaptation Plan highlights the work of the Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2012 which is considering climate risks as part of its framework for development, promotion and use of Victoria’s Alpine resorts. Both of these plans highlight future adaptive measures, such as alpine resorts investing in snow-making to provide more stability in winter visitation, and further considering options for developing "green season" activities.

The Climate change impacts on snow in Victoria report [PDF File - 2.1 MB]