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Victoria’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan Directions Paper

Victorians are invited to review the Victoria's Climate Change Adaptation Plan Directions Paper and to provide feedback on the Have Your Say website.

This Directions Paper will complete the final phase of public consultation before the publication in early 2017 of Victoria's second Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2017-2020.
The Directions Paper has been prepared by the Victorian Government following extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community. It will enable all those interested in a bold approach to adapting to climate change in Victoria to have their say. It outlines:

  • The goals we have to achieve a climate-ready Victoria. 
  • The principles that will guide decisions in the face of climate change. 
  • The priority action areas proposed to reduce immediate vulnerability to climate change and to build capacity to manage impacts in the long term.

Victoria's second Climate Change Adaptation Plan will outline the Government's vision for a climate-ready Victoria. With this Plan we will prepare all Victorian communities to meet the challenges and act on the opportunities of climate change. Our aim is to ensure that Victoria remains a healthy, prosperous, safe and vibrant place to live and work long into the future.

Preparing Victoria to adapt to the impacts of climate change is vital work. Even with ambitious global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, further changes to our climate are inevitable. We must adapt to these unavoidable changes to ensure our economy, community and environment can continue to thrive.

We welcome your input and ideas to ensure we are on the right track to achieve our vision for a climate-change ready Victoria.

The public consultation is open from 23 August to 23 September 2016.