Council pledges

Under Victoria’s world-leading Climate Change Act 2017, councils can make voluntary pledges to demonstrate their significant contributions to reducing the state’s emissions. Pledges may include council actions and estimated emissions reductions.

More information is available about council pledges and pledges already submitted by councils.

Snapshot climate emissions profiles

Snapshot Climate is a free source of local emissions data for all Australians. In 2022, the Victorian Government provided funding to update the tool with more detailed and accurate data. The tool provides information about greenhouse gas emissions from all sources. The data is available for different time periods at the scale of states, federal electorates and local council areas.

More information is available on the Snapshot Climate - Australian Emissions Profiles website.

Estimating council emissions

Tailored guidance is provided for councils that wish to include emissions reductions in their pledge:

Guidance on estimating emissions reductions (PDF, 439.5 KB)

Guidance on estimating emissions reductions - accessible (DOCX, 220.1 KB)

Emission reduction resources

The following resources will help councils to estimate their emissions reductions:

Where to get further help

For further guidance and if you have any questions or suggestions please contact DELWP Climate Change Policy at

Page last updated: 05/12/22