Environmental reporting to improve transparency and reduce emissions

Environmental reporting requirements are set out in Financial Reporting Direction 24: Reporting of environmental data by government entities (FRD 24).

Environmental reporting improves transparency for the Victorian community. Reporting also supports the Whole of Victorian Government emissions reduction pledge (PDF, 2.2 MB). The pledge seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Victorian government operations. Reporting environmental data may help public sector boards manage climate-change related risks.

Financial Reporting Direction 24 requirements and guidance

Tools and resources to help you implement FRD 24

DEECA has developed an Environmental Data Reporting Tool to help prepare FRD 24 compliant reports. It enables a user to input data from procurement, billing, or other data sources. The tool converts data into the required units and greenhouse gas emissions. The tool outputs tables that are in the format required for FRD 24 compliant reporting. Versions of the tool for different reporting years are available. These include emissions factors consistent with corresponding editions of the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors.

DEECA has developed an FRD 24 Activity and Data Collection worksheet to help FRD 24 reporters plan their data collection. The worksheet helps to identify relevant facilities, understand which indicators they relate to, and track data sources or approaches where data is not available.

Training materials and resources will be updated progressively as they are developed.

Other environmental reporting resources

Page last updated: 04/05/23