Climate leadership on the ground

The best outcomes for our climate and the greatest opportunities for the people of Victoria come from working together on climate action. Many local councils, businesses, households and communities across Victoria are already playing an important role in our collective response to climate change.

We are committed to supporting this ambition and building our climate change actions together. This includes:

  • supporting local adaptation
  • helping businesses to adapt and thrive in a low-emissions future
  • supporting households to increase their energy efficiency
  • assisting communities to switch to renewables and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Regional adaptation resources

In 2018, the Victorian Government spoke with community members, businesses, researchers and government agencies across the state. These snapshots will soon be replaced by local-led regional climate change adaptation strategies.

Read about the climate impacts, actions, gaps and priorities for your area, based on those conversations.

Local Government

Local governments play a critical role helping their communities to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. Local governments are often the first to respond to localised climate change impacts and their strong connections to the community and local knowledge mean they are often best placed to recognise the need for adaptation at a local scale.

Many of Victoria’s local governments have shown leadership by setting their own emissions reduction pledges and adaptation plans. To acknowledge these actions and as a platform for local governments and the state government to work together towards a net-zero future, councils are submitting voluntary council pledges under the Climate Change Act 2017.

Communities, business and households

Across the state, many Victorians are taking action to reduce emissions within their households and local communities, through schools and sporting clubs, and in small and medium businesses and major industries of every type. The Government is committed to working with Victorian businesses, households and communities to support their ambitions and build our actions on climate change together. There are many resources available to help businesses, households and communities get involved in our collective response to climate change.

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Page last updated: 04/06/21